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Elevator and Accessability Lift Maintenance Services Full and Limited Agreements are tailored to your needs. Experience, technical ability and attention to detail ensure your equipment performs at it's best We Service products by Thyssen Krupp Swift Dover US Otis Delta Beckwith Schindler Giant Lift Haughton Southeastern Westinghouse Northern Armor Peele Kone Rotary Montgomery Payne Millar Stanley CemcoLift Canton MCE EECO Porchlift Midwest Federal Ecso Access Ind. Bruno Porchlift Concord Savaria Garaventa National Wheel-O-Vator Many More. Your maintenance priorities should be:
* Ensure a safe environment for passengers
* Prolong the life of your equipment
* Budget
Safety and equipment life are directly impacted by the amount of maintenance performed. When choosing your maintenance company make sure your agreementSpecifies the interval between visits. Many maintenance
agreements avoid specifics, and allow the companies to prolong the time between visits at will.
We'll maximize your investment.
There are really only two types of Elevator Maintenance plans:

They usually go something like this:

Full Maintenace Oil and Grease
Examination + +
Lubrication + +
Daytime Shutdowns + -
Nightime Shutdowns - -
Parts + -
(+ included - not included)
There are variations and correct uses for each.
Full Maintenance generally includes the routine examination and lubrication of your equipment, along with labor and parts needed if your unit should have a problem .
This allows you to ensure yourself a fixed budget for your elevator services during the year.
Full Maintenance is a good choice if you have newer equipment, older equipment that you plan to modernize soon, or if you just need peace of mind.
The drawback is that as your equipment matures, so does your maintenance price.
A good choice for most equipment.
Our Oil and Grease plan is called Limited Maintenance.
This type of plan covers only examination and lubrication.
When a problem occurs the customer typically is billed for the labor and parts to make the repair.
Limited Maintenance is a great plan for elevators that have very low usage.
With some older equipment Full Maintenance would be prohibitively expensive because of the risk of repair costs, and labor for frequent callbacks. Because of this owners may choose to have a Limited Maintenance plan while they extend the time before modernization.
Happy customers help spread the word for us.
We want every customer to be very pleased that they used us as their elevator service company.
We know that you are not happy when you don't see your elevator company regularly. That's why we specify in writing the interval between visits. Many companies avoid this, and prolong the visits.
We don't charge you for work we don't do.
That's why we can guarantee that we'll be there during each service period. If we don't get there, you don't pay.
You can count on us.
Our company is built upon decades of service experience spanning all facets of the elevator and accessibility lift industry.
We have installed and maintained units made by all of the major manufacturers.
We are technically able, and mechanically advanced.
We are capable with the most advanced microprocessor control system, or the most simple mechanical system from the 1920s.
We know Elevators.
When we formed NH Elevator Inc. we wanted to make the customer number one again.
We decided that we would help our customers make informed decisions that would benefit their best interests.
You will get prompt courteous service.
You will get honest answers.
You will get fair pricing.
You will get extra value.

The best elevator company choice.
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